Expense Please Hustle Responsibly+

Hey [manager’s name],

I’d like to expense a subscription to Please Hustle Responsibly+, a premium newsletter community ​designed to make me an improved collaborator, leader, marketer, and creator. As a paid subscriber, I get to

  • learn from successful creative entrepreneurs.
  • hear how some of the best founders build their companies, brands, and organizations.
  • access a database of stories, tactics, industry deep dives, and ideas.

It’s currently priced at $80/year (or $8/month). While generally making me more insightful, a subscription will specifically give me:

  • Learning the nuts and bolts of exceptional creative businesses with takeaways that I can apply to my work. It’s like accessing an unofficial advisory board.
  • Concrete tactics, frameworks, and strategies that will make me a better collaborator.
  • A curated collection of founder profiles, improving our strategic output and creative approach.
  • Access to new creator economy and B2B marketing insights and strategies every month.

I’m confident that subscribing to Please Hustle Responsibly+ will accelerate my professional development, easily justifying the cost of a subscription.


[Your name]

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