Video Editor
Hey there! I'm Angela, a founder wearing many hats. From client projects with Ang H. Studio to video podcast episodes with Honey & Hustle, there are no shortage of video projects in the queue. Are you our next video editor?
Our current areas of need:
  • Video Podcast Editing
    Honey & Hustle is recorded in person and remotely in 4K. Multicam video and audio editing of long-form content. The second video podcast launching soon will be recorded completely remote. Both video podcasts will be available on audio streaming platforms.
  • YouTube Video Editing
    Talking head videos that are engaging, and valuable for our audience. Covering topics from visual storytelling, video podcasting, and creative entrepreneurship.
  • Client Video Editing
    Short form, documentary-style visual storytelling projects are our bread and butter. Videos typically range from 2-5 minutes and incorporate a variety of voices. Our clients are mainly in the nonprofit, social enterprise, and human rights industries.
  • Social Video Editing
    See all those other videos? Unfortunately, long-form videos don't typically do well on social. Optimizing videos for Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Tik Tok using your discretion for the most captivating and valuable parts of each is key.
Here's the skinny
Our in-house and client video projects are increasing as video content continues to prove that it has the power to expand your reach and impact in all its forms. We're looking to grow our weekly video podcast, build our YouTube channel, meet our clients' visual storytelling needs, and launch a new weekly video podcast...all at the same time. haha *cries in excitement and overwhelm*

We're well aware that we have many different video editing buckets to fill so you may want to do all, just one, or only a few. I’m looking for someone who not only has the technical skills to edit videos but someone who’s capable of taking existing content and creating a captivating visual narrative, whether it's a 30-second Tik Tok or 45 video podcast episode. I need someone who can handle the logistics of post-production from beginning to end for our in-house and client needs.

Think that's you? This contract role will pay per video and scale up as we do. Pay will range from $20-$25/hour based on experience, skill set, and video project type.
I value consistency, efficiency, and attention to detail.
I need someone who:
  • has a creative and story-driven editing style, technical expertise in all aspects of post-production, and experience editing short and long format videos
  • has experience with light text motion graphics, typography, color correction, audio processing, social media video formats, and video uploading
  • has Premiere Pro proficiency (*required)
  • has Davinci Resolve or Final Cut Pro proficiency (*a plus but not required)
  • has graphic design skills applicable for YouTube thumbnails (*preferred but not required)
  • has After Effects experience (*a plus but not required)
  • can identify new content opportunities and ideas
  • takes pride and ownership in their work
  • can’t watch anything without thinking about how it was edited
  • is resourceful and savvy (I hope you love digital organization)
  • centers community, inclusion, and social impact in their work
Since you'll be working with me directly
You might as well know what you're getting yourself into.
  • I'm an outdoorsy, craft beer-drinking millennial (and I won't turn away a classic mimosa or margarita)
  • I make the best music playlists you've never heard of and I've probably seen + photographed your favorite artist live in concert
  • I'll always prefer a TV series over a movie. I love characters that keep me hooked.
  • I love brunch more than most people
  • I love my mohawk almost as much I love brunch (see above)
  • My happy place is in the kitchen trying a new recipe
  • I'm from Alabama, and I'll never miss an opportunity to share an obscure fact about my favorite things from my home state
  • I'm not afraid of texts or phone calls, but will always want to follow up via email (as I will likely forget what we've talked about)
Think you're a good fit for one or more of our video editing needs?
We're accepting applications until the position is filled.
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